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Item 324* - 16 mm - 270x300 Stemple Rung - Raumer "Classic" Model - ribbed bar

Art. 324* - Stainless Steel Ribbed Stemple Rung – Raumer “Classico” Model. Ø16 mm - 270x300


News 2018: now produced in DUPLEX steel, with even greater corrosion resistance!

Read the informations below!!!

A ribbed stemple in stainless steel Ø16 mm 300 mm wide x 270 mm deep.



Attestation of conformity with the EN 16869:2017



The ribbing on the surface guarantees excellent grip.

It is also comfortable and ergonomic when used as a hand hold.

The ribbing also ensures excellent hold from the resin inside the hole.

The precise gap between the rung’s two shanks allows for easy placement during construction.

Finally the galvanised steel guarantees good durability.

The surface of the rung is a pleasant pale grey which has a low visual impact on the surrounding natural environment.

The placement holes must be Ø 20 mm and each shank must be inserted to a depth of at least 120 mm

Ensure that the inside area of the stemple (MAX 150 mm): is small enough to prevent boots (of any size) from slipping through as this can be very dangerous


Technical Specifications

In the photo it appears that the shanks of the rung are not completely parallel.

This is simply a distorted perspective. In reality, all of our stemples have perfectly parallel shanks.

The gap of 300 mm has been created to an accuracy of +/- 1mm.

Therefore there should be no problems when inserting the shanks into two parallel holes.

Weight: 1200 gr



See the attached technical sheet

WEIGHT 1200 g

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